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Types of esports betting you can find at Lucky Cola

The esports betting world is growing rapidly, and not just in the betting market. The number of e-Sports athletes that are becoming popular with the public continues to grow, along with the sports betting industry which is booming on these games. When it comes to picking up some game-based bets for your gaming experience, then you may have come across some eSports (Electronic Sports) types of bets such as: predicting win/loss/tie score of teams in tournaments; predicting total amount of kills made by a player during a game; predicting average damage dealt by a player during a game; predicting total amount of knock downs caused by an attacker during a game. These are the main outright types of esports betting options you’re going to find:

  • Outright bets

    An outright bet is a wager that explicitly involves one specific outcome. These bets allow you to predict an exact winner or single condition, and if you guess correctly, your bet will pay off. Outright bets can be suitable if you’re confident in your ability to predict the outcomes of certain tournaments and competitions.

  • Match winner

    If you’re new to Esports betting, this is probably the most common bet you’ll find on a betting site. Just like you’d predict the winner of a football match, you can try and bet on the winner of a particular esports match of anything from League of Legends to Counter-Strike Global Offensive. If this sounds too simple, then you can try some handicap betting which can be used to put a clear favourite at a disadvantage in order to take advantage of the better odds for a bigger profit.

  • Specific Metrics

    If you want to make an esports bet, there are plenty of great ways to do. For example, you could predict which team will win the first map, or if you were betting on League of Legends, you could try and predict which team would be victorious in the first game. And with the option of taking bets on whether a game will be a 1-1 draw or not, and even which team will destroy the first tower and so on, there is certainly no shortage of possibilities when it comes to creating an esports-specific bet.

Lucky Cola Esports is the best choice for esport betting

You can find the most popular esports games and play with different teams around the world, or bet on your own favourites. You can make a deposit using a convenient and fast finance system, or play using a selection of popular betting camps.

Lucky Cola saw the value in esports betting early on and have taken advantage of this by creating a platform that accepts all payment methods, including bitcoin. This makes Lucky Cola one of the most popular cryptocurrency sportsbooks on the market, including an affiliate program so that you can earn commission too!

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